Consultancy and Training

WECIL offers advice for businesses on a range of issues to help make the very best working environment for disabled employees.

As an organisation run by disabled people, we are experts in our field. With our advice, you can not only meet your obligations as an employer but go further to increase performance, improve workplace cohesion and create a more inclusive environment for staff as well as customers.

What are the benefits for my business?

The benefits of employing an inclusive workforce are numerous. Research shows that not only are disabled employees just as productive as their non-disabled colleagues, they are also less likely to have time off sick, have fewer accidents and they stay in their jobs longer.  In addition, the greater understanding generated by employing a diverse range of people gives you clear competitive advantages, plus a better overall brand and corporate reputation.

“They helped us with retaining a valued, longstanding member of our team; the expert advice and support saved our business £5,000.” 

Georgina Bickerton – HR Business Partner First West of England

Helping you meet the challenges of a changing workforce

It is common for organisations to assume that only a small minority of workers are affected by disability and that this will not change over time. In reality, around one in five working-aged people in the UK are disabled, with many becoming disabled during their working lives. So disabled people represent around 20% of the potential national workforce, and are therefore key if organisations want to recruit from the widest possible talent pool.

Disability issues across the national workforce will only increase as we all live and work for longer now that the default retirement age has been phased out. Understanding how to get the most from disabled employees, and harnessing their skills, abilities and knowledge can make a significant contribution to the success of your business.

Consultancy and training tailored to suit your needs

As an organisation run by disabled people, we understand the issues facing disabled employees and their employers. Our bespoke advice and training packages can help you to not only meet your obligations as an employer but go further to increase performance, improve workplace cohesion and create a more inclusive environment for staff as well as customers.

With our support you can manage:

  • Meeting your obligations under the Equality Act 2010 
  • Developing positive recruitment processes
  • Identifying available funding for workplace adjustments
  • Staff retention
  • Absence management
  • Access audits – how to make your business more accessible for disabled employees and customers
  • Mediation to resolve issues around disability
  • Consulting with disabled people on a wider basis
  • Updating your equality scheme or policies
  • Becoming a ‘Disability Confident’ organisation

You can find out more about the services we offer on the Consultancy and advice and Training pages of our website and if you’d like to discuss our services in more detail, please do get in touch with our team on:

Telephone: 0117 9479918 / 07973687021



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First Bus’ story

One of Britain’s largest bus operators, First Bus, used our consultancy service to help them retain a skilled, and valued employee – Gerry – also saving the business £5,000.  



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