A Day in the Life of… Teresa

March 13th, 2017

Teresa, Specialist Advisor with WECIL shares her typical day with us. 

Early Bird

I am an early bird and get up at 6am every weekday morning, I feed my two cats and then get ready to come to work.

I travel to WECIL by car and arrive at 7.15 every morning.  I come to work early to miss the rush-hour as I dislike sitting in traffic and I function better in the mornings.

I start work at 8am and start checking and responding to emails.  I tend to deal with tasks that require quiet time before my colleagues arrive at 9.00.


My Role with WECIL

I have been with WECIL for 23 years and overtime have evolved in to my current job as specialist advisor.  I support direct payment recipients with issues they may have with their personal assistants e.g. medical capacity, conduct, dismissals, redundancy. This also involves helping to recruit personal assistants. 

I enjoy working at WECIL because of the clients and my colleagues.  I feel the work I do is important as it ensures recipients get their needs met and empowers them to live independently.


Home and Hobbies

I go home at 4pm.  When I get home I catch up with my husband about how our days have gone, cook the tea and my husband washes up.  I play a game on Facebook and then watch programs that I am interested in such as No Offence, Unforgotten, Silent Witness.

My hobby is clay pigeon shooting which I have been doing for at least 20 years. 


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