Meet our Trustee Vicki

January 30th, 2018

Here at WECIL we are proud to have such a diverse board of Trustees, the Board bring a wealth of experience and positive dedication to the WECIL  community. 

Victoria Kaye (Vicki) was the most recent to join our Board. Below you can read about the unique experience that Vicki brings to WECIL and what it is like being a WECIL Trustee. 

''Hi, my name is Vicki Kaye and I recently became a trustee for WECIL.

I became disabled when I was 12 years old. I caught measles and as a result, I developed encephalitis. I was paralyzed from the neck down but gradually, I regained the use of my arms and upper body and slowly, I learned to walk again but not very well so I tripped up a lot and got very tired very quickly.

After school and college, I worked as a legal assistant in London and Bristol and then for a specialist insurance company. Some years ago, I stopped working and became a Carer for my brother who has Down’s syndrome. I looked after him for 10 years but my physical condition worsened and I became a full-time wheelchair user. My brother moved into a small residential home and I am a trustee there as well.

After that I decided (as you do!) to take a BA in Drawing and Applied Art and then a Master’s degree in Fine Art at UWE - a fabulous experience and great fun! But, I couldn’t have done this without the help of a personal assistant.

I have been on direct payments for about 14 years now and WECIL has always supported me so it felt only right that I should try and repay them by volunteering in some way. I was asked to become a trustee last year and I am so pleased that I did! I offer my experience of managing a physical disability at school, university and in the workplace. I also have some understanding of the difficulties facing those with a learning disability and the people who help them.

The work of a trustee is varied and interesting - there are many things for an organisation like ours to think about and until you get involved, you don’t realize just how much there is going on in the background - recruitment of staff, fundraising, training, finances and lots more.

There is a family feeling about WECIL and a healthy family will always work together for the benefit of each other. That is what the trustees try to do and I hope that we achieve this.

But…we need more people to join us. People who understand the issues surrounding disability - who care about inclusivity and access for all.

We all have valuable experiences to share and to benefit from.  If any of you think you might be interested but are wary, why not call up WECIL and one of us could meet up with you for a coffee and a chat. There is nothing to lose and, just maybe, lots to gain.''

If you would like more information about what being a Trustee involves, please contact Kath Tobin on:

Telephone: 0117 947 9916     




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We all love Piglet, different is what makes us all interesting and 'normal' doesn't really exist... #BeYourself #wearealldifferent WECILBristol photo

Our Mental Health Awareness Training is delivered and designed by a disabled person with lived experience of mental health. Gain a greater understanding of how you can manage staff and customer mental health in the workplace.

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