Employment support

We are committed to supporting disabled people to find and sustain work if they have the capacity to do so. Our approach is to work on removing the barriers to employment and engaging with employers to raise awareness of the contribution disabled people can make.

If you are a disabled person seeking work, we can provide support in our drop-in Work Club in Bristol and also through our Journey to Employment project.

Work Club

We run a drop-in Work Club in Bristol, for local people looking to find work and / or improve their digital and online skills. This is open to disabled people, as well as anyone over 55.  

Our friendly team of staff and volunteers will help you to improve your basic computer skills, look for jobs online, update your CV and much more. There is no need to book – just ‘drop in’ and we will make you welcome.

We have a specialist employment advisor available on site who can offer 1-to-1 sessions to jobseekers to discuss goals around finding and retaining work. A National Careers Service advisor is also regularly available to provide personalised careers guidance and support.

As an approved UK Online centre we can support you to learn how to use a computer and get online for other things, such as benefit applications, online banking, even if you are not looking for work at the moment.

We also offer tutor-led courses in a range of subjects such as IT for Work and Getting to Know your Ipad. See our calendar for upcoming courses and events.

We are a UK Online specialist disability centre and a Disability Champion and work with Online Learning Centres and the Good Things Foundation to improve digital inclusion for disabled people.

Drop-in opening times

The Work Club is open from Monday to Thursday between 10am to 3pm. Between these hours we run two separate sessions:

  • Between 10am and 12pm the session is for people looking for support to get online and learn more about computers.
  • Between 12.30pm and 3pm the session is for jobseekers looking for support and advice about looking for work, filling in online application forms, writing CVs and much more.

How to get in touch

For more information about the Work Club contact Alison Browning either by email at employability@wecil.co.uk or phone 0117 947 9911.

The Work Club is based at:
The Vassall Centre
Gill Avenue
Bristol BS16 2QQ




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