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As we start to see a reduction in restrictions and businesses are reopening some employers will be making changes to working environments such as more home working and introducing hot desks, it is key that access needs are being met for disabled staff and customers alike including supporting with any anxiety that might be felt.  WECIL’S Business Service’s can assist and support you and your business through these changes.  Please contact the team to request a call about our services and the support available.

“Wow!  What a great session that was Last week. The team made me feel so welcome, and the quality of the delivery was excellent.  Thank you so much for alerting me to the opportunity. WECIL is my preferred provider for disability advice and support. WECIL exceeded my expectations: combining knowledge and lived experience with humour to make a valuable and very enjoyable day. I am clear about how I will use the knowledge acquired to benefit employers in the South West.”

Tracey McCarthy from The HR Services

The Business Support team are here to assist businesses in creating a more inclusive workplace through a variety of different channels. We know first-hand how beneficial employing disabled people can be; with our unrivalled experience you can have peace of mind that we can support you in creating a strong, diverse and dynamic team.
As an organisation run by disabled people, we are experts in our field. With our advice, you can not only meet your obligations as an employer but go further to increase performance, improve workplace cohesion and create a more inclusive environment for staff as well as customers.

We have worked with a variety of respective clients across a wide spectrum of departments, including Senior Management, and HR. Our services are designed to support business alike to improve accessibility and inclusivity for their staff and customers. For your convenience you can download our Business Support Guide for more information about our services, alternatively you can use the drop down bars for individual services.

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Become a Disability Confident Employer

Pledge your commitment to disabled people and a more inclusive workplace. ‘‘Disability Confident’’ is a government scheme. There are three different levels that you can acquire, and with our support and expertise we can guide you through each step and ensure that you meet the criteria for the scheme.

About Disability Confident:
• Working alongside a Disabled Persons User Led Organisation in order to meet accreditation requirements
• Remove barriers to disabled people and those with long term health conditions in employment
• Enabling businesses to draw from the widest possible pool of talent
• Improved brand awareness and profile
• Ease of progressing through each level by working with a Disabled Persons User Led Organisation and accessing Disability Equality Training
If you are interested in learning more about how to become Disability Confident, then please contact us directly.

Disability Equality Training - Level 1 training is CPD Accredited
This informative, thought provoking and forward thinking course will allow you to make the first steps towards becoming a Disability Confident Employer.
  • Delivered by someone with lived experience as a disabled person
  • Step towards a national scheme as a “Disability Confident Employer”
  • Understanding of the Social Model of Disability
  • Guidance on legislation and best practice
  • Support for your disabled staff and customers
  • Equalities Act Compliance
  • Built in action plan for businesses which will focus on correcting highlighted barriers to supporting disabled people
  • Access to the “Purple Pound”
  • CPD Accredited
Access Audits
We can use our experience to help you improve the accessibility of your business. Many barriers and hazards may not be a visible to people who are not access experts. Access Audit’s are carried out by trained auditors with lived experience as a disabled person. This is then followed up with a report of recommendations for improvements. A full audit will be carried out on your organisation to assess the accessibility of your premises, including outside spaces and your digital profile. This means that all aspects of your organisation can become more accessible.
About WECIL Access Audits:
  • Audits provided by the lived experience of disabled people from a pan impairment perspective
  • Risk reduction in regards to DDA Compliance
  • Detailed report for evidence of implementation of access improvements for disabled people
  • Access improvements can improve customer footfall
  • Identifying risks, hazards and preventing access complaints
  • Step towards becoming a Disability Confident Employer
  • Improve reputation

workASSURED is a service to provide advice and support to both employees who identify as disabled or who have a long term health condition, their manager(s) and HR to remove in-work barriers that are disabling the staff member providing a report of recommendations to remove them.

Some of our clients include:

TLT Solicitors, eXPD8 Field Marketing, University of the West of England, South Gloucestershire Council, Business in the Community, Southern Brooks Community Partnerships, Barton Hill Settlement, Southmead Development Trust, Carers Support Centre, Developing Health & Independence, Julian House, Babbasa Youth Empowerment Projects CIC, Driving & Mobility, ACTA Community Theatre, Releasing New Potential, Shelter, The Park Community Centre, Team North Somerset, Creative Youth Network, Broadway Lodge, UWE

“WECIIL’s Disability Equality training was fantastic – an engaging, open and accessible session that really encouraged staff to self-reflect and consider how both individually and organisation-wide we can start to look at breaking down the barriers and improve access for disabled young people. The training encouraged open discussion and the trainer was particularly engaging and put everyone at ease.  The hand out, including a useful glossary of appropriate language identified by members of the disabled community, was also great take away information. Following the training, staff feel much more confident in considering how we can proactively improve the way we work and support all young people and promote inclusion and diversity within our organisation.”

Sarah Pritchard (Prince’s Trust Bristol) 

If you’d like to discuss our services in more detail, please do get in touch with our Business Support Services team on:

Telephone: 0117 9479911


Our full day, level one Disability Equality Training is is CPD Accredited.




First Bus’ story

One of Britain’s largest bus operators, First Bus, used our consultancy service to help them retain a skilled, and valued employee – Gerry – also saving the business £5,000.  



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Our #employment course Working Together is running online during the pandemic. More information on Facebook: or our website This is a supportive space for people to explore their options and meet others in similar situations!

Interested to read about proposals for the Downs Loop - over two miles of accessible paths and traffic calming on the Downs @cyclesunday please get in touch to discuss the Access Audits we provide with Bristol Physical Access Chain