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The Pandemic has further isolated SEND young people and their families, we are keeping in touch as best we can but it isn't the same. As soon as it is safe do so we will open up our vital services again! You can also apply for a family fund here https://t.co/dosYpcYx5J https://t.co/3yEf8f92fk

The government has launched a new 'Test and Trace' scheme to help track Coronavirus. Here's what YOU need to know👇 #TestTrackAndTrace #Covid19UK
https://t.co/qkqLjTo1fh https://t.co/pHA4MfFwxE
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There are a lot of online exercise videos and tips about staying active during lockdown, not many of them are very accessible though... @DHorizons have put together an article with free videos to keep you moving! Check it out here https://t.co/OuZ5PM4jzK https://t.co/sh3d4cZJDF WECILBristol photo