Research and consultation

WECIL's aim is to be a strong, influential and collective voice, of and for disabled people. With a history of co-production and specialised consultation services, we welcome opportunities for our members to have their voices heard.

We work with researchers, public institutions, professionals and academics to design, develop and run consultations focused around a particular issue, and also provide specialist, professional opinion when required. We run accessibility consultations for websites of all shapes and sizes – with members joining us in our purpose-made digital suite at the Vassall Centre.

One of our youth groups – the Listening Partnership – is specifically designed to give young disabled people in Bristol a voice, and record their experiences. This is then fed back to the local authority and health services, so they can design and implement their services with the experiences of young disabled people in mind.

Current projects

Young disabled people

Getting Things Changed

Getting Things Changed is a research project led by Dr Val Williams and Dr Sandra Dowling at Bristol University. This is looking at the relationship between young disabled people’s and their Personal Assistants, with an aim to explore how young disabled people with learning difficulties especially, can be supported more effectively. WECIL has been involved by introducing Dr Williams to some of our young people who wished to record their experiences.

Findability website

The Findability Bristol website allows people to search and find local information, help and support for children and young people with special educational needs or a disability (SEND). WECIL and young disabled people from our youth groups have been consulting on how their website can be more accessible, with an update due to be launched in August 2016.

Bristol’s Strategy for Children, Young People and Families

This is a citywide strategy for children, young people and families, being developed by a cross sector working group that report to the Children and Families Partnership Board. The strategy will include a clear shared vision for Bristol and priorities for 2016-2020, with an annual action plan to set out how these will be achieved. WECIL is consulting on this as it is being developed.

Disabled adults

South Gloucestershire County Council website

We recently ran a focus group with South Glos Council, to consult with disabled people on the accessibility of their public website. The session took place in WECIL’s dedicated digital suite at the Vassall Centre, and was run by us, working together with council staff. Disabled people from WECIL’s services tried out the website and gave their thoughts on a number of specified tasks they were asked to complete. The session was recorded and the findings will be used to develop the website and increase its accessibility.

If you would like to involve disabled people in your research or consultation, please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss how we can work together. You can also read more about our aim of becoming a strong, influential and collective voice of and for disabled people in our organisational strategy.

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Our support and information is for anyone in Bristol and the surrounding areas that identifies as being a disabled person.



25 Feb
  • Peer Support lunch meet up

    Disabled people together to share experiences, support each…

    The Park Centre, Daventry Rd, Knowle, Bristol BS4 1DQ, 12:00 pm

  • The Listening Partnership

    Agroup of young disabled people…

    The Station, Silver St, Bristol BS1 2AG, UK, 7:00 pm

26 Feb
  • Peer Support lunch meet up

    Disabled people together to share experiences, support each…

    Greenway Centre & Cafe, Doncaster Rd, Bristol BS10 5PY, UK, 12:00 pm


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We want to hear from our community! We are currently planning our summer event and we would your ideas, suggestions and input. To have your say or to find out how to be involved please follow the link #collaboration #community A great opportunity to hear some poetry by Poet, Stephen Lightbrown. Also a good guide to some accessible laces in Bristol! #DisabilityRights #improveaccess #poetrycommunity