We caught up with WECIL volunteer and course attendee Aaron Crease to find out how his time at WECIL has supported him on his journey to find employment

June 7th, 2019

WECIL are committed to supporting disabled people to find and sustain work if they have the capacity to do so. We offer innovative Pre Employment and Employment courses to support people to not only find employment but also to stay in employment after the recruitment process.

After successfully delivering our first 12 week Employment Course, Working Together we caught up with WECIL volunteer and course attendee Aaron Crease to find out how his time at WECIL has supported him on his journey to find employment.

Aaron’s story

My name is Aaron and I have cerebral palsy my form of cerebral palsy affects my mobility and movement and over the course of my life I have learnt how to adapt and appreciate what cerebral palsy has allowed me to achieve and over the course of my life I have been on a long journey of self-discovery. I am a confident person and as a person with cerebral palsy I can appreciate the importance of pushing myself and overcoming barriers to achieve my goals along with being very open minded, which helps with understanding people.

My condition does not define me it does not pick and choose my life, I decide my path. I want to motivate and inspire people to be the best that they can be because one thing I don't stand for is bullying towards the disabled. You see, so far living on this earth I have seen people get belittled and bullied just because they have a condition or disability and people think it is right to abuse them Just for fun and that makes me really upset I feel the need to do something to help defend and stand up for my brothers and sisters. I enjoy helping people and offering guidance and support.

Why did you come to WECIL?

I came to WECIL to volunteer and continue my road into employment. I am currently volunteering alongside WECIL’s Marketing and Communications Officer, making posters and editing videos along with finding new and innovative strategies to market their services to young disabled people and adults.

How has WECIL supported you?

I feel that I am making a difference to not just WECIL but for people with Cerebral Palsy and other conditions or disabilities. I like that I can contribute something to society and the community, I also feel honoured to be part of a bigger picture. So if you are thinking about joining WECIL, I say go for it as you may make a difference to someone's life and be part of a bigger picture too.

So many doors have opened for me since I have been volunteering with WECIL. Alongside me volunteering with Marketing and Communications Officer.

I was a representative and an ambassador during an investors meeting, telling the investors about my journey so far on the working together programme.

I inspired one of the investors which made me feel very grateful as I made a difference in someone's life.

I am also currently an representative and an ambassador for the WECIL youth board.

How did Working Together help you?

During my time on the course I have expanded my friendship circle and connections furthermore by me doing this not only have I gained a new friend but I have also enhanced my understanding and knowledge of disabilities and conditions, this is something I am very passionate about when it comes to raising awareness so the more people I meet the more open minded I become.

I have learnt some new techniques when it comes to group discussions and meeting new people. Throughout the duration of the course my colleagues and I had to participate in a group activity in the morning, the aim of the game was to try and see how everyone was feeling along with making us all feel less stressed. I have taken the games mechanics and concepts and applied it to everyday life. About a month ago I went to a wedding where I didn't know anyone I was sat at table I remembered the game that I played on the course so I applied it to the situation which in turn made me feel more comfortable and relaxed when talking to the guests which in turn also made the people also feel more comfortable when talking to me.

Thanks to this course I was able to fulfil the requirements when it came to producing a high quality and professional CV and now my CV has been getting high praises and recognition when I go for interviews.

Towards the end of the course I participated in a 2-week interview process with Somerset police in the first week we learnt about a word star (situation  task action result)  I applied this method when it came to the mock interview  I will be applying this technique in future interviews and situations when applicable.

I also enjoyed the partnership with the Somerset police as they gave the 2-week interview process some meaning as in the past I would just be talking to my peers and pretending to have an interview with them

Having the Somerset police be a part of the interview process I thought did Justice to what a real interview is like, the whole atmosphere changed I learnt about professionalism when attending an interview.

Overall this course has enhanced my knowledge and understanding it has also demonstrated the importance of what life is like it is not all sunshine and Rainbows it's all about hard work and dedication to succeed in our career paths.

Aaron continues to volunteer at WECIL and our Employment Team have been supporting him in applying for roles as part of The West of England Works Project.

His positive attitude and eagerness to learn has made him a great asset to the WECIL team.

Working Together is open to anyone that identifies as disabled, including hidden disabilities such as mental health conditions or long term health conditions and dyslexia. If you are interested in attending the next Working Together Course or you would like to know more about it then please contact our Employment Team on:

Telephone: 0117 947 9911.







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