WECIL are supporting Bristol Airport to improve the customer journey for disabled passengers

January 28th, 2019

Have you been put off travelling due to long waiting times? Or perhaps you have avoided traveling by plane due to anxiety or been put off by previous experiences? We want to hear from you either way. 

We are working with Bristol Airport to support them to improve the current waiting area for disabled passengers. We include anyone who identifies as disabled in this statement, including people with long term health conditions or with learning difficulties and families or carers traveling with disabled children or children with learning difficulties.

The aim of the survey is to get feedback from people with lived experience of traveling as a disabled person or travelling with a disabled child or young person. The survey should only take a few minutes and your feedback will be used to improve the new waiting area for future passengers travelling with additional needs. 

Please be honest with your answers and provide relevant feedback in as much detail as possible. We have two different questionnaires to complete, one for disabled people and/or their careers to complete on your behalf and one for parents or guardians of disabled children.

Please use the links below to access the relevant questionnaire.

''I am a disabled person or a career of a disabled person who would like to answer the questionnaire''

''I am a parent or guardian of a disabled child who would like to answer the questionnaire''





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